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Manufacturer Printable Womens Health Voucher. Register online the get one Month free offer.

Download this voucher and bring it to your pharmacy along with a valid, signed prescription for Vivelle-Dot.

Vivelle-Dot also helps reduce the risk of postmenopausal osteoporosis, which is a major health concern for women after menopause.

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Other knowledge

Symptoms of menopause movement

To recommend several activities. One advocate jumping rope, beating rope whole body activity, your brain has to be a full stop motion, to hand Shengtou rotation will stimulate the thumb points to effect the brain, and thus adds to the vitality of the brain cells to improve thinking and imagination. Second, to promote long-distance running, long-distance running can produce large amounts of catecholamines substances, catecholamines can enhance the excitement of the cerebral cortex, the sensitivity of the stimulation, cheerful people feel good about themselves, and increased appetite. Catecholamine secretion in menopausal women suffering from mental depression is very low, it is recommended that people with long-distance running to direct the treatment of depression. In the control of neurasthenia, running is more superior than drugs.

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  1. Meri-Beth Bird says:

    I tried to click on the link for one month free for Vivelle and link didn’t work….

  2. Joyce Griffin says:

    Please send coupon or link to website for one month free vivelle coupon

  3. the site for the coupon would not pop up. My email is the coupon I need is for the Vivelle Dot. .75mg.
    Thank you Rachele

  4. I was unable to pull up te link that was provided on the website.

  5. DeBorah Smith says:

    I use the Vivelle Dot and have had a few of the patches not stick very well even though I placed them according to directions.

  6. link does not work

  7. amanda lewis says:

    Hello im trying to get the voucher for the one month free vivelle dot patxh and the link doesn’t work can u pls email me the voucher .the link wouldnt popup thank u .

  8. Hello,
    I am trying to get the one month free coupon for vivelle dot patch. The link is not working. 2013 coupon. Can you help with this?

  9. Link wont work please send me the coupon to my email.thank you

  10. The link to the Vivelle manufacture coupon did not open. Please email me a coupon. I have used this for 5 yrs. I di it have insurance now and I need a refill.

    Tammey Fitzgerald

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