Seresto Coupon

There are two coupons for Seresto in 2018:
Coupon Value and Save: $20 rebate

How Does It Work:

Manufacturer Printable Coupon protects pets from fleas and ticks, $20 Seresto rebate form.

Need to register online to print your $20 Seresto rebate form. Creat a pet care reminder, very simple and easy.
Fill it out and mail it back to Seresto Consumer Rebate to receive your $20 rebate.

Seresto Consumer Rebate
PO Box 1080, Department S14327
Grand Rapids, MN 55745-1080

Product must be purchased from a veterinary clinic or veterinary clinic website to be eligible for this rebate.
Mail-in rebate offervalid only with eligible product purchase during valid mail-in rebate offer period.

if you purchase Advantage Multi for Dogs (imidacloprid + moxidectin) or Advantage Multi for Cats (imidacloprid + moxidectin) for the same pet within 60 days of your Seresto purchase you can increase your rebate to $40.

Seresto and Advantage Multi Consumer Rebate
PO Box 1080, Department AM14300
Grand Rapids, MN 55745-1080

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Where To Get This Offer?

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  1. Robin Pierson says

    Hi – I purchased 5 Seresto Lg Dog collars today (I understand there is a rebate for only 2 per household) – 3 are for me and 2 are for my daughter

    I was only given 2 rebate forms and would like to get 2 more

    Can you please help me

    • louise smart says


      • Anne says

        I sent my rebate form back in the beginning of May and never received my rebate. I swear by the sereesto but if they don’t honor the rebates I’m going back to Advantx

  2. Ellen Pitegoff says

    I filled out a form on your website for a rebate on a Seresto collar and have not received the rebate.It was sent in February
    Ellen Pitegoff

  3. Carol Payette says

    I purchased 4 Seresto collsrs today at the vet. 2 are for me snd 2 for my neice. Would you please sen 4 rebate coupons . Thank you

  4. James Robinson says

    Sent in rebate info two months ago. Where is my rebate? This is not a duplicate inquiry. It is the first time I have commented.

  5. Bambi Green says

    trying to find the coupon so I may print it. I’m not seeing it. AND these comments of not receiving theirs as requested concerns me.

  6. Jannie Bittick says

    On June 1, 2016 I purchased two dog collars and one cat collar. Please send me the rebate coupons.

  7. Trina spellman says

    My vet unfortunetly does not carry the seresto collars.. There are no other vets in area that I know of.. I went to Dave’s Pet City (010) 87-c West Stafford Road in Stafford Springs, Ct. 8606842173 and I bought 2 cat and 1 large dog seresto collars and would appreciate it if I could get a rebate.. Even for just the 2. I used your collars last year also and will continue to use.. They are a little expensive but I want to give my animals the best so I purchased 3 of them for $191.40 and the $20 rebate would help a lot… Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon..

    Trina Spellman

  8. Virginia Rodriguez says

    Unable to find the rebate form. Will you please mail us two forms? Thank you…….this is our first time buying Seresta. Your tv commercials have convince us to buy the best product for our two dogs. That we love evert much.

  9. Maria Dakan says

    Please send me a rebate form. The clinic at which I purchased the collar did not have forms left advised me to go on line. I am unable to locate a printable form.

  10. Teri Currie says

    I pjurchased the collar but the vet ran out of rebate form. Van u mail me on. 2312 hermitage ct 1020, Indy 46224.

    The Teri currie

  11. Liz says

    I think this is a scam. I got an email from Bayer via my Vet but the Vet’s office never got the rebate coupons. I followed the link above and the Bayer directions and came up with no offer on your filter (cat, Seresto). Boo, Bayer! Did you see they offered to acquire Monsanto???

  12. Beth Bimson says

    I need two seresto dog collars rebate form. I purchased them from my vet and they were out of the rebate forms.

  13. rosemarie mooney says

    I just purchased one of your flea collars or my dog from my vets office. How you I get a rebate from your company, I do not have a printer.
    Thank You
    Rosemarie Mooney-Brayerton

  14. MK says

    My vet sold me the 2 Seresto collars, gave me 2 rebate forms, and even gave me 2 seperate receipts (one for each of my dogs w/the dog’s name on it). I mailed both of them in the same envelope, but stapled each rebate form to a seperate receipt. I included a huge note that there were TWO rebate forms enclosed. Around 6 weeks later I received a check for ONE rebate. If they received one, they received BOTH b/c they were mailed together. Of course the check they sent did not denote which dog it was for nor did any of the info provide a phone number. So I mailed a photocopy of the check along w/photocopies of both receipts & both rebate forms, and a letter explaining that I only got one rebate check but should have gotten two. This has been well over 6 weeks since I mailed that in, and of course there has been no response to that. I can find NO phone number where I can get a human on the phone. Can you please give me a phone number where I can speak with a human who has the authority to get my second rebate check issued? Thank you!

    • Johanna says

      Good luck on phone number. Would send me my rebate n they received my rebate. Said I didn’t send in receipt. Oh but I did n it was from my vet. Been waiting since last yr. WE just have to BOYCOTT their product STICK TOGETHER PEOPLE.

  15. James Wahl says

    Bought my second Seresto collar for large dogs today but my Vet didn’t have the rebate forms. I then came to your web site that said it would have the form to download …….. no form anywhere! What gives?

  16. says

    I would like one rebate form for the Seresto dog collar. I cannot find the form anywhere on this website. I purchased the collor from my vet and the form they gave me expired on November 30. I purchased it today December 30, 2016. Thank you.

  17. Sharon says

    Not right that you can only get rebates if you purchase from a vet. They are much higher priced than ourchasing online. I bought 3 online and wish I could get a rebate. These collars are expensive.

  18. Roni says

    I cannot find your rebate form for the Seresto Flea and Tick collar for large dogs. Would you please email one to me please?? Thank you.

    • Fred Wyckoff says

      Would appreciate it if you would send to me copy of rebate form for the purchase of two Seresto dog flea collars. Thank you Fred Wyckoff

  19. says

    I have created an account. I cannot access the Rebate form for Serestor. What is the deal. I can get others. I already purchased from an animal hospital as required. I went to another window to access Serestor site.
    I have my receipt and yes I selected the one for 2017
    (no month indicated just year)

  20. Bart Newman says

    Purchased 5 large dog Seresto Collars yesterday from my vet. I have an account set up, but cannot figure out how to print a rebate form. Can you email me one please. Bart Newman

    • Tom Schlueter says

      I got 3 collers last April 2017, vet gave me 3 rebate forms, got my money back with-in a month.

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