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Save $50 On First Prescription; Save $40 off each of next 11 Refills of LAMICTAL XR.

LAMICTAL XR is a prescription medicine used together with other medicines to treat primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures and partial onset seizures in people 13 years or older.

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Other knowledge

Causes of seizures

1. congenital diseases such as chromosomal abnormalities, inborn errors of metabolism disorders, cerebral malformations and congenital hydrocephalus.
2. injuries: traumatic brain injury is a common cause of infants with symptomatic epilepsy, contusions, bleeding and ischemic softening of brain tissue can also lead to local, form of epilepsy in the future.
Adults about 5% epilepsy after closed brain trauma, severe and open brain injury epilepsy more about 30%.
3. infections: encephalitis, meningitis, brain abscess acute congestion, edema toxin and exudate of the impact can cause seizures, after initial treatment may also become epileptic foci formation of scars and adhesions, parasitic diseases such as cerebral schistosomiasis, paragonimiasis in brain, brain cystic hydatid causing epilepsy.
4. poisoning: lead, mercury, carbon monoxide poisoning, and systemic diseases such as hepatic encephalopathy, hypertension syndrome, acute nephritis, uremia, seizures can occur.
5. brain tumor: patients with epilepsy occurs after age 30, apart from the brain injury, and brain tumors are common cause of oligodendrocytes of particularly slow-growing tumors, Meningioma, Astrocytoma tumor.
6. cerebral vascular diseases: in addition to cerebral vascular malformations and aneurysms cause epileptic seizure outside the younger, cerebral vascular disease is more common among older people with epilepsy.
Hemorrhagic and ischemic cerebral vascular disease can cause epilepsy.
7. nutrition metabolic disease: hypoglycemia, diabetic coma, hyperthyroidism, can cause seizures. 8. allergic disease: tuberous sclerosis, Alzheimer ‘s, also often accompanied by epileptic seizures.

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  2. Margaret Hampton says:

    I am trying to get this coupon printed for Lamictal XR but I only get 48 pages of info. The coupon I have is expired. My son is 23 and needs all the financial help he can get.

  3. Steve Greenland says:

    There was no coupon available. Link just took you to 48 pages of information on Lamictal XR.

  4. The Lamictal XR coupon for 2014 is not working. Link just takes you to the drug information, but no coupon. When will it be available?

  5. Kellyann Jonelis says:

    Trying to get coupon for Lamitical XR. Unable to get it for 2014. The only thing that keeps happening when I click on get coupon is download of medicine, nothing for coupon.

  6. It says there is a coupon to save you 50.00 on your first prescription and 40.00 of your next 11 prescriptions but there is not one there. Could you let me know why this is?

  7. Carol Manning says:

    I was unable to find Lamictal XR Coupon for 2014. After clicking on the Lamictal XR Manufacturer’s coupon link to get this offer, the only information that appeared was the Prescribing Information for LAMICTAL XR from GlaxoSmithKline. Please provide assistance,

  8. I have been trying for several months to print a Lamictal XR coupon. This coupon provides needed relief and assistance from the over the counter cost. I don’t understand why this coupon is so hard to keep posted. Frustrated that it is so hit and miss. Can someone please provide a coupon. I’m going to have to pay out of pocket again for my prescription.

  9. Mathieu Hattier says:

    I lost my health / prescription insurance and do not want to contiunue to have seizures. Please help

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